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Johor is a state located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It is the southernmost state of Malaysia and shares borders with the country of Singapore to the south. Johor has a population of over 3.7 million people and its capital city is Johor Bahru, which is the second-largest city in Malaysia.

Johor has a diverse cultural heritage influenced by various ethnic groups, including Malays, Chinese, and Indians. The state is known for its rich history, traditional customs, and vibrant festivals. Malay is the official language, but English, Mandarin, and Tamil are also widely spoken.

Johor is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its beautiful islands, pristine beaches, and tropical rainforests. Some of the popular attractions in Johor include Legoland Malaysia Resort, Johor Bahru City Square, Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, and Desaru Coast, which is a popular beach resort area.

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