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Kafe Basikal Tua - Kuala-Lumpur

As every week, we are exploring hidden gem around Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia and soon overseas. Today, we came across "Kafe Basikal Tua" translated by " Old bike cafe" which is own by Raja Iskanda - Stroke survivor

Kafe Basikal Tua is located about 10-15 minutes away from where we live, a hidden rustic / hypster cafe in Kampung Sungai Penchala. If you have ever been to Ubud you will definitely love this cafe. A large space opens up when you come in with artwork, antiques, and an intriguing open-air restaurant like a rainforest.

Raja shared with us that it was a stroke survivor and the main reason why he decided to open this Atypic cafe was to help the disabled community by employing a cook that has two disabled children.

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Our Menu

Starter- Begedil

Where is bergedil from?

Perkedel kentang or also known as bergedil or begedil in Singapore and Malaysia is a popular Indonesian side dish that is great to be eaten alone as snacks or serve with Soto Ayam.

What is bergedil? If you're a fan of tofu and potatoes, you might have heard of tauhu bergedil (or tahu begedil). This combination of yummy bergedil (potato patty) wrapped in tofu skin and then deep-fried is a heavenly treat you wouldn't want to miss

Main dish

  • Chicken Briyani

Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is made with Indian spices, rice, and usually some type of meat or in some cases without any meat, and sometimes, in addition, eggs and potatoes

  • Nasi Ganja

No, Nothing Strictly Illegal

For sure, there is no cannabis in nasi ganja, nor are there any illegal substance in the recipe.

The ganja of the dish is in fact the coconut sambal served alongside the rice and spiced fried chicken.

Made from grated coconut, coconut sambal has an interesting savory-sweet taste and is very palatable.

Although delicious to eat just like that, coconut sambal is more delicious to eat with contrasting or bland flavored dishes such as rice.

It also adds texture when paired with rendang and other local dishes. Naturally, it tastes good with spiced fried chicken and salted egg as served at Yong Suan!

Nasi ganja is so palatable that it is enjoyed by diners of all ages including families with young children

  • Kuih dram & tapai pulut with vanilla ice cream

  • Tapai Pulut

One of the yummy Malaysian delicacies I had was 'tapai pulut' or fermented glutinous rice. It is very popular among Malaysians and normally eaten as dessert. Tapai pulut is an everyday dessert served at functions such as festivals and weddings usually by the Malay community in Malaysia.

  • Kuih Dram

Kuih denderam atau juga dikenali sebagai kuih peniaram,kuih genderam, kuih derang, kuih benderang dan kuih genderang di pantai timur Semenanjung Malaysia,, merupakan sejenis kuih manis tradisional. Tepung beras dan gula merah merupakan bahan utama untuk membuatnya.

BOOK NOW: Address: 3333, Jalan Palimbayan Indah, Kampung Palimbayan Indah, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 011-6170 8502


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