Hey There

We are Roman and Fizah, a mix couple from France and Malaysia. We started making videos back in August 2020 in the middle of the Covid. We both love traveling and excited to share with you our little adventures thru our weekly videos.


Travel & Food Influencers

in Malaysia


I started making video on Tik-Tok back in 2020, at the beginning it was just for fun, I was only dancing and making silly video. As we started to grow on YouTube with Roman, I decided to focus more on what we were doing " Travel & Food" Videos.


In June 2022, We went VIRAL on Tik-Tok reaching 1 Million views. At that time we were walking from Kuala-Lumpur to Langkawi to raise awareness on the environment in Malaysia and people started to support our cause.

Now, we have reached 33.5k followers and creating weekly content about our adventures and also reviewing / promoting cafe & resturant all around Kuala-Lumpur. If you want us to come to your place and share it on our social media do not hesitate to contact us. [Click Here]